One area that has been highlighted recently is the increasing need to support members of the community as they get older or develop a disabling medical condition.

By combining the inherent adaptability of Initiative Homes with Pumpco’s technology supported social networks, Smart Hamlets provides personalised solutions for those facing particular issues that would otherwise require a move away from family and friends.

Pumpco have developed a highly adaptable system that enables support to be tailored to the needs of an individual and their particular support networks including family, friends and service providers. This system, based around an online platform called Anthropos which allows a wide range of sensors to be connected and the resulting information or alerts to be quickly communicated to the appropriate person or service provider.

The system can address various aspects of health, wellbeing and environment:

  • Notice changes in movement patterns and routine – alert
  • Low light levels + movement automatically switch on lamp to reduce chance of fall
  • Temperature too cold and windows open – alert
  • Temperature too hot and windows closed  – alert
  • Temperature too cold and heating/fire not on why? – alert
  • Going to bed having left windows/door open – alert.
  • Social isolation, front door not been opened for x number of days, why? – alert
  • Humidity in bathroom too high, fan broken? Risk of fall increased and damage to building – alert.
  • Positive confirmation to loved ones carers etc.
    • Confirm that they have emerged from the bedroom in the morning
    • Text the first time that they have turned the kettle has been switched on.

The additional safe guarding provided by this service can enable individuals to maintain a high level of independent living for longer than would otherwise be the case.