In 1973, E.F. Schumacher published his renowned book: Small is Beautiful – Economics as if people mattered.

The principle of putting people first is at the heart of what we do. In order to account for the wide and varied needs of different people, we explore a wide range of factors when helping communities design a sustainable future.

Social sustainability: Simply building ‘units’ is not enough. We start by engaging with the community; to establish what is needed and desirable, what can be achieved and what would be a welcome development. We also passionately believe in social inclusion6861313965_7a58369d76_z so our homes and sites are designed to be as accessible and adaptable as possible to meet changing needs.

Economic sustainability: Building homes is also an economic undertaking. We work hard with our partners to develop designs and build strategies that have a positive lasting economic impact and are affordable to buy, run and maintain.

Environmental sustainability: We work with up to date home-building technology to achieve high standards of energy efficiency – cutting carbon emissions and reducing energy bills. Sustainable homes do not stop at the front door. So we also, for example, consider how our developments fit into the local landscape or explore providing open green spaces that can be havens for nature and leisure spaces for residents.

Photo credit: Alex Pepperhill