Initiative Homes - A Schumacher Institute Company

Initiative Homes aims to deliver accessible affordable sustainable homes to our communities. In fact, Initiative Homes takes its name from the idea of supporting communities in taking the ‘initiative’ for their own projects.

As a team of architects, engineers and systems thinking housing experts we aim to mainstream sustainable homes, include all sections of our society in creating a sustainable future and demonstrate that ‘green’ businesses are more than just niche market players.

Housing is a fundamental human need and the well-documented shortage in the UK is having an impact on our communities. This is particularly true for the young first time buyer and those seeking to ‘rightsize‘ to find something more manageable and maintain an independent lifestyle.

By working with communities, investors and innovators within the construction industry we aim to develop new accessible affordable sustainable homes and work with communities to meet their needs and aspirations.

Smart Hamlets

Smart Hamlets is a new approach to building, growing and supporting communities. It draws together two complementary services, Initiative Design and ‘technology supported social networks’ tailored to an individual’s needs to maintain Independent Living.

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Initiative Design

Initiative Design is a flexible approach to community engagement and co-design. The aim is to create a sense of team work between the design team and the community.

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Support Services

Initiative Homes offers a range of specialist services to support your construction project through the formative stages and on into full scale development. As you might expect we place people at the heart of our offerings.

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True sustainability puts people first by taking social, economic and environmental factors into account. Our work considers all of these complex challenges.

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Initiative Homes draws its name from the notion of communities being able to take the initiative to shape their own futures. Working with communities is one of our core principles and a central tenet of our process.

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Buying property carries a degree of risk and uncertainty. We help our partners be prepared for the future by designing our homes for low resource use, adaptability and strong resilient communities.

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