Initiative Homes offers a range of specialist services to support your construction project through the formative stages and on into full scale development. As you might expect we place people at the heart of our offerings aiming, wherever possible, to build consensus and collaboration in order to create not just aesthetically pleasing developments but also close knit, supportive communities from the outset.

Community and Social Engagement

Brings together developers and communities to create a common vision of the proposed development and its place within the existing community and environment. This is particularly relevant during the early stages of the Design Brief development process providing an early opportunity to de-risk a project by reducing the potential for costly delays caused by avoidable objections and misunderstanding amongst the stakeholder community.


Looks at the ‘business model’ behind any development, who the stakeholders are, how the project should be organised and funded. As an organisation with a Systems Thinking background we look to create innovative project solutions that have the potential to improve the funding opportunities for a project as well as enhance the attractiveness of a project to a wider range of potential investors and clients.


We take a co-design approach to working to the Design Brief in order to meet the identified needs and aspirations of stakeholders. That is we regularly consult with stakeholders not only to identify whether we are going in the right direction according according to the Design Brief, but also to provide opportunities for reflection and enhancement. This is particularly important during the early part of the design process as it is here that the best opportunities are available to create the inclusive, attractive and sustainable environments that foster health and wellbeing for years to come.

Within our design services we have a particular capability for designing for accessibility that goes well beyond just providing ramps etc. We are able to work with clients to identify and understand how the design of their buildings can facilitate good service provision and hence good user experiences.

Community Energy

There is increasing interest in community energy schemes and Initiative Homes can offer an independent assessment service to establish the feasibility of the many differing and competing technology and business offerings that exist in this complex and rapidly evolving field; whether as part of a new scheme or as a retrofit into an existing community.