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Smart Hamlets© is an approach to housing that puts people, families and communities at the heart of the process. Developed with our colleagues at pumpco it draws together two complementary services, Initiative Design and ‘technology supported social networks’ tailored to an individual’s needs to maintain Independent Living. These share common goals, particularly around inclusion and independent living, and a strong community engagement ethos to provide a custom build service promoting inclusive sustainable living.

Smart design brings comfortable sustainable living together with easy access, a light and airy feel and flexible and adaptable living space. It also applies to how residents interact with their new homes and communities.

By bringing accessible sustainable design together with the technology supported social networks families, friends and neighbours can support members of their communities to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Hamlets are seen by many as close knit and self-reliant communities. Even our cities tend to be made up of smaller distinct local communities but still work as a whole. How a development is laid out and integrated with an existing community is seen as an important element in the design process. If a new development is to work effectively as a place to live and work then understanding its ‘role’ within, and its relationship to, the existing community is an important part of the design process.

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Initiative Design works with communities to provide inclusive sustainable solutions to their identified housing needs and community aspirations.

Sites are designed with inclusive community wellbeing as a core theme in the design process. Homes are designed to provide comfortable sustainable living together with easy access, a light and airy feel and flexible and adaptable living spaces.


Pumpco take Independent Living to the next level with their technology supported social networks. Working closely with communities they seek to identify those individuals with specific needs that can only be met with personalised solutions.

The underlying principle is to maintain a person’s independence within their existing networks and communities by connecting their devices, families, friends, communities and service providers so that support is reliably available when needed.

©Smart Hamlets is Copyright Initiative Homes 2015