Paul Fletcher 2014

Paul, a designer and former project architect, has over 25 years experience of delivering practical transformative benefit. He works with people to empower them to enjoy wellbeing in the built environment and enable organisations to take control of their buildings through bespoke futures, strategy and ideation services. He has honed his skills working with a wide range of  clients that include government departments, NGOs, local authorities, industry organisations, charities, think tanks and leading design and construction firms.

Paul aims to help all who use buildings, whether it is those that commission, design, construct and operate buildings or whose who access the services and facilities provided; their clients. The aim is delivering service and value to customers and empowering people and communities to get more from the built environment.

Paul brings benefit and value to well established and innovative emergent players alike, be they individuals, groups or large global organisations. With one straightforward shared objective; to empower all to achieve outcome benefit from buildings, through enabling in-use value, enhancing wellbeing and engendering happiness.

More than a thought leader, Paul makes things happen by turning thoughts into action. Intuitively driven by the right thing to do he facilitates effective innovative strategy for any given scenario. He can quickly spot relevant patterns and issues, without the limitations of prescriptive or established methods. Ideation drives him to be fascinated by these patterns and issues, fuelling his ability to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. These inspire visions of future scenarios, futures borne of a genuine intrigue in the unique qualities of people, so as to empower shared envisioning and shaping of futures.